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Home mortgage options that work for YOU

If every homebuyer shared the same financial situation there wouldn’t be a need for multiple solutions.  Until that happens, there’s Freedom Lending.  Our loan specialists start by listening to your specific needs and actually hearing the answers in order to present options that fit your budget, meet your current needs and help you reach your specific goals.  From obtaining your first home loan to refinancing an existing mortgage that no longer fits your budget, our professionals are here to help with financial plans that work for you.

Owning a home should be a bonus, NOT a burden

Offering a wide variety of mortgage options, Freedom Lending not only helps you secure the financing you need, but we also work to ensure the terms and conditions fit your budget and meet your financial needs.  From FHA loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration to Jumbo Home Loans that exceed loan limits established by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Federal National Mortgage Association, Freedom Lending gets the job done for you. We can tailor a home mortgage to help those who are having trouble maintaining payment schedules on their current home mortgages with low rate refinancing.  For those who qualify, the Making Home Affordable (MHA) Program may be a lower-interest option.

Not sure what you need?  Freedom Lending can help

Sometimes all you need is a little advice.  You can trust the compassionate professionals at Freedom Lending.  Each has the experience to suggest the right mortgage or loan after listening to your needs.  They’re experts at selecting options that help you actually enjoy owning a home again by making it affordable.  FHA mortgage, VA mortgage, refinancing an existing mortgage: you can count on Freedom Lending to help you select the option that’s right for you.