13 Tips to Help Sell Your Home This Winter

Fewer Late On Mortgage Payments = Housing Strength:

The winter is usually the slowest home selling season. The main focus is on family and the holidays, not on buying a home. Most homeowners take their homes off the market for the winter.  Time to hibernate and wait for spring!

Or is it?  Columnist and Realtor Jessica Roberts suggest that you follow these simple and effective home care and staging tips to ensure your home sells this winter:

1.       Take photographs of your home outside before the snow falls. A snow-covered home may look festive, but the features of your home will be hidden.

2.       Clear the driveway, sidewalks, and steps from snow and ice. Use sand and deicers as needed to keep walking areas neat and safe for visitors.

3.       Keep holiday decorations simple and clean. Less is more.

4.       Inform buyers of town plowing schedules and upkeep of neighborhood streets.

5.       Keep scents from candles, plug-in air fresheners, and room sprays to a minimum. Use warm and gentle fragrances. Lavender and rosemary bouquets are a natural way to scent your home.

6.       Encourage showings during daylight hours for maximum lighting.

7.       Have a timer set for indoor and outdoor lights if you won’t be home before a showing.

8.       Hire a professional window cleaner for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Crystal clear windows will help maximize light in the house.

9.       Make sure the house is warm and cozy. Add blankets, throws, and area rugs to each room. Turn the thermostat up for the showing. Have a timer set if you won’t be home.

10.    Keep indoor decorations simple, green, natural, and seasonally appropriate.

11.    Show buyers you take exceptional care of your home. Request guests to take off shoes and offer paper booties.

12.    Keep shovels, snow blowers, deicing materials, and winter gear stowed away.

13.    Provide buyers with a list of local winter and seasonal activities.

Time to create a seasonal strategy and increase your chances of selling your home this winter. Seasonal opportunities, current market trends, and simple home care and staging tips will help sell your home this winter.