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Bad Credit Colorado: Three Promises Credit Repair Companies Can’t Keep

Bad Credit Colorado: Are you looking for bad credit repair? Are you being assaulted by companies promising you the world?

Pay attention. In most cases these companies have no idea what they’re promising and… they can’t deliver. Whenever you are looking for credit repair services and you get an offer that sounds too good to be true remember that most things which sound or seem too good to be true are usually not true.

It works the same with credit repair in Colorado, Denver, Iowa, Omaha, Nebraska and the rest of the world.

We put together three promises which guarantee you immediate results and instant repair, but fail to deliver:

1.       “We can erase your credit card problem 100% guaranteed”

What these companies do is they promise you something which is impossible: they give a guarantee that they will clean up your file report so that you can apply for a loan or mortgage. Well, here’s the bad news: once you pay them your hard earned money, they do absolutely nothing to help you. They simply disappear. And you end up having lost more than your good credit score, but also your money.

2.       “We can remove liens, bad loans and bankruptcies from your credit file forever”

Credit repair cannot be done overnight. But this is not something that a company will tell you loud and clear. Instead, they promise to remove any negative information from your credit report… but honestly, no one can really do that.

3.       “You can create a new credit identity easy and within the law”

Now this is the most outrageous credit repair promise to come across. In a way, the company admits that you are at a loss with your existing credit. So they somehow tell you there’s nothing you can do. But wait, there is something: create a different identity. And since when is this legal? We wonder.