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Mortgage Company Colorado Etiquette: The Best Gadgets Every Mortgage Company Denver Should Offer Its Employees

Mortgage Company Colorado. Are you a real estate broker (or any kind of broker)? Are you employed in a mortgage company Denver in Colorado, Denver, Iowa, Omaha or Nebraska?

Perhaps you were wondering about the best tools you can use in your daily activity at work. Well, the news is good: technology is making advancements in all fields, and it is not ignoring yours.

Here is a list of the best gadgets you can use if you are a broker:

  1. EyeSee 360’s GoPano Micro – Admit it, photos taken with a traditional camera are often not enough to convince a client, right? Every mortgage refinance Colorado company should have the EyeSee gadget – it can take 360 degrees pictures and all you need is your smartphone!
  2. DeLorme inReach – how many times did you visit a building in an area where there was no cell phone coverage? This small gadget allows you to transform your Android phone into a satellite device. Even though it does not provide you with the full functionality of cell phone coverage, you will be able to use text messaging, remote tracking and SOS emergencies.
  3. Xerox Mobile Scanner – when you are on the run or you want to know that you can keep all your important files at hand. With the mobile scanner you can multiply documents in an instant – while you’re out on the field, meeting with clients! Cool, huh?
  4. Synchronized apps – They make your life so much easier! And there are lots of free apps that perfectly sync with your PC, tablet or laptop. Evernote in particular is a brainy tool that you can use to stay organised. Other apps that you might find useful include Trello, Google Docs, or any other app where you can store information about your clients, or various photos.